The Worsted House

The Collected Stories of Ramsbolt, Book 5

Logan Cole is restless. Yes, she loves her friends, her husband Grey, and the life she's made for herself in the tiny, cozy town of Ramsbolt, Maine. She’s comfortable in a house he thinks is too small. And she enjoys her bartending job, though it barely pays her bills. But something’s missing.

​She needs a hobby, a passion all her own, and when a chance comes along to open a store in a new flea market on the edge of town, all the pieces seem to fall into place.

But the sketchy lease and its landlord make her nervous. And when Grey goes behind her back to buy a gorgeous, old house they can't afford, her trust is broken. The property comes with an angry neighbor intent on making their lives impossible. And he'll go to any lengths to see them lose their home, including reporting them for mortgage fraud.

Logan’s sense of security in the town she loves is shattered.

The more questions she asks, the more connections she uncovers—and the angrier Grey gets. She promises to stop her paranoid investigation, but with their home on the line, risking her marriage may be the only way to save it.