Penny's Loft

The Collected Stories of Ramsbolt, Book 2

Penny’s entire life has been a straight path to her one ambition of becoming a surgeon. Overwhelming and stressful, her residency is a rutted road of red tape and bureaucracy, but soon she’ll get to the rewarding part of healing the sick and injured. The last thing she needs is to lose focus, but her path comes to an abrupt halt when the grandmother she never knew dies and leaves her an antique store and a cat named Jake.

Eager to put the obstacle behind her, she rushes to the tiny town of Ramsbolt, Maine only to find she’s inherited more than tables and chairs and a cat. There’s a mountain of debt and a shop so full she can barely walk.

Penny has five days to sell everything, clear her grandmother’s debt, and find a home for Jake before it all crashes down around her. If she fails, she’ll miss a major deadline, her future will be put on hold, and her student loans will enter repayment, all before she finishes her education and starts her career. But Ramsbolt has no need for old furniture, and it has no need for outsiders. Especially the kind who don’t want to be there.

As she sifts through the contents of the antique store—through the mixed-up jumble of her family’s past and Ramsbolt’s—she must face old truths: There’s no such thing as a straight path, the road is paved with choices, and your destination isn’t one of them.