Hope for Us Yet

The Collected Stories of Ramsbolt, Book 3

In the small town of Ramsbolt, Adelle is fighting a crumbling economy to live a quiet, drama-free life dedicated to her flower shop. But the town is decaying, stores sit empty, and there isn’t enough money to solve the town’s problems. If something isn’t done, Adelle will lose her home, her shop, and the quiet life she loves.


Conditions worsen when the town manager quits, and Ramsbolt is left without leadership. As rumors spread that the town could be sold, merged with another, and charged a high tax no one can afford, all eyes turn to Adelle. After all, her father ran the town for decades. But he suffered for the cause. He wanted to make the town the best it could be and please everyone, but residents wanted someone to solve their petty squabbles rather than address their real problems. Adelle has no interest in living in the public eye.


Then suddenly, the forces that drove her father to his lowest point rise up again. While she resists running for office, her father’s old political opponent starts a ruthless smear campaign against her, urging town residents to support annexation and sell Ramsbolt to another town. 


Running for office would mean facing old grudges and confronting the man who slandered her father. But if she doesn’t stand up to him, if she doesn’t stand up for Ramsbolt, no one else will. And she could lose the only home she’s ever known.