A Good Day for Pie

The Collected Stories of Ramsbolt, Book 4

Having grown up poor and hungry on the outskirts of town, Kyle swore he’d never move back to Ramsbolt, Maine. He turned his job as a chef into a business degree, then into a career in finance, and he never needed to look back. But when his father falls ill, Kyle heads home, swearing it won’t be forever.

As he cares for his aging father, his savings account drains. Time creeps on, and his part-time job at a local farm becomes permanent, where his dream of teaching cooking classes in his own chain of kitchenware stores fades into cornfields and dusty barns. He’s abandoned his dream, deserted his career, and doesn’t fit in his own hometown.

When Ramsbolt’s new town manager devises a plan to breathe life into empty storefronts, Kyle sees a chance to chase his dream. But pursuing happiness will take every penny he has, and Kyle has no safety net. Plus, Ramsbolt isn’t wild about outsiders and without the support of the town, he’ll sink.

He’s willing to risk it all to open the store he always dreamed of, but will his trendy shop be welcome in a town set in its ways, or will a crumbling building and financial setbacks force him to fail? Unless he can prove that he really belongs and the store takes off, he’ll be more than bankrupt. He’ll be right back where he started - poor and hungry on the outskirts of town.